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Decorative wooden panels

Decorative wooden panels produced by “Lamela” are made from oak and ash mouldings, glued at different levels.  They have an interesting surface relief and beautiful colour schemes from light sand to grey. Wooden panels are a natural product and their colour can change in exposure to light. The panels can be oiled with different shade of wood oil so they suit the design of the room. The wood oil can be purchased from our store – warehouse. More info

With the decorative wooden panels you can create an elegant, beautiful and modern interior. In addition, wood is a good heat insulator so it will help you conserve energy.

For at least 24 hours prior to installing the wooden panels, strore them in the room where they will be installed.

Depending from the surface where the panels will be attached to using mounting glue.

On the back side of the panel, 20mm from the sides of the panel, apply glue dots across the whole panel. Press the panel against the wall and move a little bit to distribute the glue evenly and hold until it sticks to the wall.

Wood panels have to be installed from bottom of the wall, going upwards. Leave 5mm gap from the floor by using a spirit level.

Size: 16,5 x 65 cm

Price: 1 piece – 8eur

Packaged in cardboard boxes of 10 pieces: size 620X340X280 mm.



  • Decorative wooden panels
  • Decorative wooden panels
  • Decorative wooden panels
  • Decorative wooden panels
  • Decorative wooden panels


Made in: Latvia;